Thank you for visiting This site is part of Atlantic Packaging’s Internal Commitment to sustainable packaging, so we may broaden our offerings of industrial packaging materials, green packaging materials and equipment. In these sections are the programs, products and services we offer to help you as a manufacturer reduce packaging waste, reuse and recycle many of those packaging materials currently in the supply chain.

Atlantic is a 60 year old company with a legacy of packaging expertise and a history of assisting our customers in achieving the best possible packaging for the lowest cost. We are comprehensive in our approach and we are now extending that legacy and commitment to helping you meet a higher sustainability standard.

Our team of engineers, technicians and product specialists are the industry’s very best and hold years of experience in packaging systems and materials. Our shipping materials reduction auditing and consulting services are available on a fee basis as are other integrated programs based on product volumes and equipment purchases. All are designed to more easily help you meet the challenge of material reduction and cost savings. We further invite you to explore this site including our pledge to green packaging, a seven minute video here which explains in detail our comprehensive approach to implementing sustainability and meeting sustainability challenges. We also invite you to visit our full packaging site, or contact green packaging.

Rusty Carter